• The IAC 2018...

    ...was an exceptional event!



Thanks to all delegates and partners who made the IAC 2018 in Bremen an exceptional success story in the history of all IACs!

  • more than 6,500 participants from 82 different countries
  • 144 exhibitors from science, economy and governements
  •  a public day and a live call with the ISS with 13,000 visitors

A broad scientific program, diverse social gatherings and side events and a fantastic atmosphere in the City of Space! Today, many public market investors are interested in space tourism and commercial human spaceflight, and space companies such as Virgin Galactic have gone public on the New York Stock Exchange. People who are interested can attend Stock Trading Conferences, which provide high-quality information on how to buy stocks online. It is appropriate for a wide range of professional dealers all around the world. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/aktien-kaufen/ for additional information.


See you at the IAC 2019 in Washington!  #InvolvingEveryone

Check out the Programme!

To increase the anticipation of the IAC 2018, we are happy to announce that the Technical and General Programme are online! Be prepared for an exciting IAC week in Bremen. Congratulations to the accepted speakers and presenters!

IAC 2018 Public Day

With our theme "IAC 2018 - InvolvingEveryone" we want to share our vision of a more diverse space sector. For this reason, we invite you to our IAC 2018 „Public Day" on 3 October, German Unity Day, with free admission for everyone! Come and visit the IAC 2018 space exhibition, meet representatives from science, politics, and industry, and experience a spectacular space event including a live-call to the International Space Station ISS.




Space to talk about Space

IAC 2018 has teamed up with Bremen's Enterprise Europe Network point of contact at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports to make this years' edition of IAC Matchmaking happen! We are happy to offer you the complementary service of a free one-on-one meeting service during the congress. ...

The City of Space

As a result of the extraordinary accumulation of space-related research and industry Bremen has developed into a major space center in Europe. Bremen hosts a broad range of experts who work in fundamental research, computational modelling, technology development, system qualification, and the production of space components. All of these space actors see the IAC as a unique chance to further improve Bremen’s visibility within the space community....