Annika Teubner

Ask me about: outreach activities, technical visits, all press related topics

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For coffee-lovers: do not miss the yellow bird café where you can find the best coffee and self-made cake in town.

Thorsten Coordes

Ask me about: Interactive Presentations, technical equipment and requirements, presentation upload etc.

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My favorite restaurant in Bremerhaven is Gezeiten because they have excellent fish.

Sarah Rietmüller

Ask me about: room allocation, catering, Gala Dinner

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To go “Up’n swutsch” [phrase in Bremen for going out]: The best place to go is the "Blauer Fasan". They serve the most creative and extraordinary cocktails.

Lucie-Patrizia Arndt

Ask me about: IAC 2018 program

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Do hire a bike! The almost complete absence of hills and the short distances between Bremen’s hot spots make our city the perfect place for cycling.

Vanessa Roolfing

Ask me about: registration, accommodation and Bremen Tours

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How to get the Bremen feeling: strolling through the streets of the Ostertor-Viertel on a matchday of Werder Bremen.

Corinna Harms

Ask me about: Associated Events, political events, Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception

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Do visit the "Bürgerpark" and take break from the daily conference routine.

Alena Lange

Ask me about: exhibition and sponsoring

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You can easily blend in by saying "Moin!" which means hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening.